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FMCSA Regulations for Truckers And Drivers On What Not To Do Towards Safe Passage On National Highways Alongside IRS Regulations For Form 2290

FMCSA has brought out very useful and important basic regulations for truckers, fleet-owners especially for drivers to regulate the smooth running and moving of the loaded cargo and the freights that trucks carry for a safe passage through USA national highways. It is better to know what one should not do with regard to the regulations.

Truck drivers should not hit anything on the road in order to avoid any crash which will be shown on crash indicator installed. The number of crashes indicates the number of scores which will be unhealthy for the trucking industry as FMCSA would rate them as potential danger to human lives and property and accordingly there are structured legal action against drivers and the truckers.

English: Graph outlining the relationship between number of hours driving and incidents of crashes involving truck drivers in the United States. All hours over 12 are combined, due to the low number of sample data. (Photo credit:Wikipedia)

Then the cargo-related affairs would be judged on what not to do viz.,unsafe handling of hazardous materials, poorly managing secured loads, dropped or spilled cargo, failure to prevent shifting loads.

The vehicle maintenance is considered important as it is the responsibility of the trucker and the driver and so one should not leave checking the vehicle parts starting from bad tires to inoperative defroster and always should not fail to check the malfunctions, worn or other unsafe equipments before initiating any business schedule. Failing the regulation is violation and may be reported as poor performance that may halt the trucking business.

The straight-forward and simple CSA basic regulation is not to drive under the influence of drug substances and alcohol. The violation is considered very serious and may lead truckers to be fined by legal authorities of the intra-states as well as with federal laws and drivers to be jailed after proper blood testing to find the presence of drugs or alcohol.

Driver’s health is considered most important as they have to drive the truck for the effective functioning of the truck-owners’ delivering goods and products as required. Therefore the HOS-hours of service should not be ignored as CSA program recommended 70 hours in a weekly basis with two rest periods between 1am and 5am should be met and this will go a long way for the drivers to protect oneself against illnesses of both short term and long term including fatigued driving.

Follow the regulations of FMCSA for safe and successful business passage along with follow the IRS instructions for e-filing HVUT form 2290 for this tax year 2013-2014 by 1st July 2014 and every year on 1st July if filing annually unless if it is Saturday, Sunday or other public holidays but must file on the subsequent business working day through the IRS certified tax-partner and service providerhttp://www.Etaxform2290.com


Paying Heavy Vehicle Use Tax – Why 2290 Tax Online is the Way to Go?

Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) is an excise tax which is paid annually by the owners of vehicles with a registered gross weight equal to or above 55,000 pounds. This federal tax is paid by inter-state and intra-state registered vehicles. The filing of HVUT Form 2290 started in the late 90’s owing to the fact that most of the road damage was caused by heavy trucks. Since then, individuals have been paying this toll through various means. However, the introduction of 2290 tax online was a commendable step in not only allowing ease of payment but also convenience and flexibility.

Heavy Vehicle Use Tax is an important tax deduction or payment which every truck owner/operator should proudly pay. There is need to protect our nation’s investment and ensure that we have the best transportation system globally. Through this tax, the government is able to finance a wide range of other investments and maintenance services. These include improving highways and bridges through maintenance, enforcement of highway laws, deal with traffic congestion issues and meet other costs such as those of administration. To benefit from these services, you first need to pay. There is no better way to pay than by filing your 2290 tax online.

Heavy Vehicle Use Tax payments and remittances have come a long way. In the late 90’s, paper filing was the, most popular way to file for these returns. This was both acceptable and convenient by then. However, as a manual process, it was characterized by frequent delays, errors and wasted time. Technological developments have allowed for other forms of filing which are much convenient and effective as compared to the paper form filing of Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) returns.

E-filing as it is being termed is the new and convenient way to file your returns from 2290. Filing your 2290 tax online is much easier and free of errors. It also saves users essential time as you do not have to travel or use the post to file your returns. You therefore don’t have to wait for days to receive your schedule 1 copy as compared to the conventional paper form filing. Most of the errors in posting returns in your HVUT are associated with the preparation and processing. These are significantly slashed when you use e-filing of Heavy Vehicle Use Tax. Additionally, as a 2290 tax payer, you are assured of the fact that you will get your schedule 1 copy within minutes. More so, it has also made it easier for the IRS to process other tax returns. By opting to use e-files and pay your taxes with the IRS, you not only save time but also assist federal government substantially.

Due to its convenience, reliability and effectiveness, 2290 tax online has become a norm in the United States. You should not be left out either. With the amazing support and trust by taxpayers in the US, e-filing is a proven method to file your Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) returns. It also ensures that you stay aware from penalties occasioned by late returns filings or tax forfeiture.

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