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How to File an IRS 990n Form?

If you are in charge of filing tax documents for a non-profit organization, then chances are you are familiar with form 990n. The purpose of the irs 990 n form, also known as an e-Postcard, is to report receipts totaling less than $50,000 in order for your organization to retain its tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status. Luckily, filing this document is fairly easy to do. Here are the details on how to file your form 990n.

Required Information

The first step in completing your form 990n is to assemble all of the required information. According to the IRS website, you will need only the following eight pieces of information:

  • Tax year for which you are filing
  • Tax identification number
  • Legal name and mailing address of your organization
  • Any other names by which your organization is known
  • Name and address of a principal officer
  • Website address, if you have one
  • Confirmation that the organization’s gross receipts total $50,000 or less
  • A written statement that your organization is terminating, if applicable

How to File?

Once you have assembled the necessary information, you are ready to begin filing your form. Filling an irs 990 n form is simple, and it should only take about 15 minutes of your time from start to finish. The best way to do so is to register with an online filing service such as This website requires you to create an account, login, enter the information pieces listed above, and then click to submit your form to the IRS. You can then instantly print your form 990n for record keeping purposes, and any forms that are initially rejected can be refiled for free. The advantage to using this website is the fact that you will receive 24/7 customer service as well as E-mail updates regarding the status of your submission. You also do not have to purchase or install software of any kind, making it a cost-friendly decision.

Filing Deadlines

The irs 990 n form is not a tax return in the traditional sense, and as such it does not have the same filing deadlines as other tax documents. Instead, a form 990n’s due date is based on your non-profit organization’s fiscal year, due no later than the 15th day of the fifth month following its close. For instance, if your fiscal year ends on November 18th, your form 990n is due no later than April 15th of the following year.

It is of vital importance to file your irs 990 n form, because not doing so puts your organization at risk for losing its non-profit status. If this occurs, you will have to undergo the entire time consuming process of reapplying for non-profit status all over again, which is a nightmare within itself. A much better option is to complete this simple form well before the due date for your peace of mind and the good of your organization. It will only require a few moments of your time, making filing this document one of the simplest things you can do when it comes to dealing with the IRS.  Visit to start filing your non profit tax.


Filing the 2290 Tax with Ease

The 2290 form is a heavy highway vehicle use tax return form. This tax is due to the IRS if you are an owner of a public highway vehicle weighing 55,000 pounds or more. The form 2290 due dates are between the fiscal year from July 1st to June 30th. This form may be submitted two different ways, either physically or electronically. This IRS 2290 filing can seem overwhelming and is time consuming, especially for people who are not too familiar with tax forms. There is help available online at low costs for those who wish to safely file it electronically.

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When the Tax is Due?

There are of course, exemptions to the tax form which include any Federal Government related vehicle, American National Red Cross, nonprofit rescue squad, among many others. But any owner of a heavy vehicle over 55,000 pounds must pay the tax. When a suspended vehicle exceeds the mileage use limit of 5,000 miles on public highways, the tax becomes due. The number of owners is irrelevant; the mileage is based off of that period, so it does not matter if the vehicle is sold to a new owner. The mileage stays intact with the vehicle. For agriculture vehicles, the limit is at 7,500 and is defined by whether or not the vehicle is used for farming over half of the time. There are different restrictions and guidelines in this case.

Limits and Payments

To file the 2290, it can be done electronically and physically. Doing it electronically can save you time and you can acquire help with the form from websites such as ETAX2990. Their software makes it easier to fill out the form more accurately. With IRS 2290 filing, it can be a bit of a hassle completing the physical form with waiting in long lines for stamps and then turning it in to mail it. Sending the copy to the address must be done no later than one business day prior to when the tax is due, whether it is the 5,000 mile limit or the due date of June 30th. Both electronic and physical forms require the payment to be made in full using debit, check or money order, or the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System.

The form 2290 due dates, unless laws change, will always be due upon June 30th of the year, the new period starting on July 1st. If a heavy vehicle hits the 5,000 mileage usage limit, then the tax for that particular vehicle is due from the current owner. The 5,000 only applies to being used on public highways and that are not considered agricultural vehicles. The IRS 2290 filing can be made easy if the guidelines are understood, especially if you should choose to file them online where a site like ETAX2990 can help you further. Their rates differ depending upon how many vehicles you own; they are able to aid you even if you own simply one heavy highway vehicle.

Understanding The Concepts and Filing 1099-INT Forms

Tax documents can be confusing at best and overwhelming at worst, serving to frustrate business owners and tax professionals who want to keep the filing process as simple as possible. Are you curious about the purpose of 1099 INT forms and how to file them? If so, read on – we will try to demystify this version of federal form 1099 and explain who needs to file it and why.

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What is Form 1099-INT?

Form 1099-INT is the form used to report any interest income that a taxpayer receives during a tax year. Common sources of form 1099 interest are savings accounts, checking accounts, and money market accounts. In addition to regular interest earned, sign up bonuses, incentives, or other monetary gifts provided by banking institutions are also regarded as income by the IRS and must be reported on 1099 INT forms to the IRS as well as the recipients of the money.

Filing Form 1099-INT

Generally, institutions that pay interest have two choices when it comes to filing 1099 INT forms – manually or electronically. Any institution filing more than 250 1099 forms is required to submit them electronically, although there are distinct advantages to filing electronically even if you are creating significantly fewer than 250 forms. Businesses using online services such as can create a single account and enter all of their form 1099 interest payments from this one account, making the process much easier and quicker. They can also more easily avoid making mistakes by using this method. Once the information is entered, a few clicks of the mouse submit the forms to the IRS, saving time and effort. Additionally, users who submit forms online will receive E-mail confirmation and updates regarding their submissions, keeping them up-to-date and in the loop.

Recipients of Form 1099-INT

If you do happen to receive a form 1099-INT from your bank, remember to include this information on your personal tax return. Deadlines for receiving your 1099 forms are generally the last day of January, so if you don’t receive it by then, be sure to contact your bank for more information. Banks are only required to report form 1099 interest if it exceeds $10, but even if you received less than $10 in interest, you are still required by the IRS to report your interest earned.

Filing and completing form 1099-INT does not have to be difficult or complex, especially if you are using an online filing service. With the ability to input multiple payees from a single account, business owners will appreciate the ease with which they can complete this process, making it one less headache to worry about during tax season. If you do encounter any problems during the filing process, provides all of its users with round the clock customer service so you can avoid contacted the IRS directly. Once your forms are filed, submission is usually complete within 24 hours, making this by far the most efficient way to handle any reports of form 1099 interest. 

Why Do I need to File Form 4868?

If you are in the process of filling out your federal taxes that are due April 15, 2014 and you are thinking you are going to need more time in filling it out then you should think about filing form 4868 extension form. Today, we are going to tell you all about the form and how you can e-file and buy yourself 6 more months to fill it out and submit your whole tax return.

Why do I need to file Form 4868?

You will need to fill out and submit form 4868 if you are not able to finish your federal tax return on time. This form will give you an automatic 6 extension to turn in your tax return.  Please know that you are not able to also get an extension on any payments that need to be paid. You must fill out an estimate form to go with your form 4868 e-file that shows the IRS what you think you will owe.  If you do not pay this total amount you will have to pay penalties and late fees, so you think you will have more time to pay with this extension please know that you will not and will be charged more money in the long run.  The extension can be made with no questions asked, as long as you are filing the following federal returns, the Form 1040, Form 1040A, Form 1040EZ, form 1040NR, and form 1040NR-EZ.

Does everyone get a 6 month extension?

There are certain people who file a form 4868 that will have different due dates. One way to get a different amount of time to file your return using form 4868 is if you live outside of the United States and are out of the country when filling your return.  You automatically get a two month extension on your taxes if this is the case, so if you fill out the form 4868 after your two months please know you will only get 4 months extra to file your federal return.  So you do in total get 6 months to file your return but you do not have to file the form 4868 if you can get it done in the 2 months automatic time.  You will also qualify for this if you are a family with a member of the armed forces and are out of the country on assignment.

Can I E-file my form 4868?

Yes, you can e-file your form 4868 very easily on  We will help you with every step and the process should only take about a half hour to compete. You can even pay your estimated tax due right from our secure server using your major credit card or bank account.  We offer step by step instructions and even a help video to help you through.  If you have any questions we are also available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to help you fill out your forms.

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