IRS Form 990n For Non Profit Organizations

The IRS issues a tax form for non-profit organization which is commonly referred to as the 990n postcard. It is called a postcard because it is such a small and simple form to fill out. It is nonetheless very important. The IRS tax form 990 n is necessary for non-profit organizations to continue to be exempt from paying income taxes, as long as the organization makes a gross profit of less than $50,000 per year.

How to File?

There is always the option of filing a paper form, but this can get tedious and messy. Filing electronically at is the best solution. In order to file online, one will need to first register for an account – this will allow users to quickly recall saved forms or quickly re-file in the case of rejection (or of course to simply file for a subsequent year). Next the user will fill in some specific details about the business that is being filed for, as well as the details of the paid preparer. Finally, some tax details are required and a small filing fee must be paid. After all of this, will send the user’s completed 990 n postcard to the IRS.

What to have Ready?

As with all tax forms, there are a number of documents and pieces of information that one must have on-hand to ensure that the process goes smoothly. Among these items are an employer ID number, a list of aliases for the non-profit organization in question, the name and address of the company as well as a principal officer, and a web address if applicable. The IRS also requests the tax year that is being addressed by the form and, if applicable, a notice of termination or impending termination. Finally the IRS needs proof that the company’s gross income did not exceed $50,000 in the past fiscal year. There is no deadline to file this form by, but preparers should keep in mind that if a full year passes without filing, they may be at risk for delinquency.

What is Filing Delinquency?

The Internal Revenue Service has a fairly basic and straightforward policy regarding those who simply do not file for tax exemption status. The first year of not filing results in a gentle reminder notice. The second year of not filing brings a chance of losing tax exempt status, and the third year results in this without question. Organizations that lose this status must then file form 1023, which is both lengthier and costlier.

Benefits of

Considering that filing taxes can be one’s worst nightmare, this website offers a lot in the way of peace of mind. There is no annoying software to learn, and the prices are fairly cheap. There is also constantly available customer support. As if that wasn’t enough, etax will even keep users updated on the status of their form via e-mail.

With the entire world going digital, it is no surprise that taxes have as well. The 990n tax form is the most important form for a non-profit organization to fill out.

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