Things to Keep in Mind When you File Form 4868

You may know by now what the form 4868 is, some may not. Briefly, it is a form that you file in place of your taxes (this being said, do not file on April 15th, do it before hand) that acts as an application to get an extension on filing your actual tax return.  This form in particular is an application for a six month extension; others will give you four, the other will give you five month extensions. You are able to plead you case as to why you are filing for this extension, and from what we can tell the government is more than willing to listen. Typically, not having your information necessary to fill out your tax return in time is reason enough, honestly. But there are still some things to consider and keep in mind when you are filling the 4868 tax form out.

Remember what you need and the stipulations that come with the form

Before you start filling out the 4868 tax form, be sure you have all of the information handy that is necessary to fill it out successfully. This is pretty general information that you will need, but it still helps to be fully prepared before doing so.

form 4868 extension filing

Be sure you have all income information and possible payments owed to the government; they will need to know this in order to process your application. You must be sure to put down your legal name (if you had changed this since the last tax year, you need to report this to the IRS before you can file this form) and your permanent address. Your social security number will be necessary for this as well. If you are filing joint, you need to have your spouse’s information ready as well, and be sure you put this in the exact order as it will appear on your return.

You need to keep in mind that while this form does extend the due date for your return, it does not extend the due date for any payments you may owe to the IRS. Many people have mistaken this form to include that as well, but this is simply not the case. So keep up with your payments, and you won’t get hit with any late fees on anything.

Remember the due date on the actual form

This is due by April 15th, just like your taxes would have been. If you have any doubt about being granted the extension, get this form in as soon as possible, so you can plan for the worst. You will be assessed late feed if you do not file it on time, so remember that. And just because you are granted those six months does not mean you need to wait until those six months are up. Get your taxes prepared and filed as soon as possible; you will reap more benefit and reward by doing this. In order to take care of this quickly, e-file form 4868 instead of mailing it in. The process is exponentially faster this way. Get in touch with to file your extension.

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