Request a Credit From the IRS for Form 2290

If you are the driver or an owner of a heavy highway vehicle, it is really important that you pay for taxes on this vehicle under penalty of interest fees, fines, or criminal imprisonment. To that end, several responsible taxpayers file form 2290 and pay the taxes on their heavy highway vehicle when it is due, typically by August 31st every year, or a month after they have begun employing the vehicle. But what happens when you’ve paid the taxes on a vehicle that you don’t have anymore?

IRS form 2290 credits

What are Some Reasons Why You Don’t Have the Vehicle Anymore?

Some reasons for no longer having a vehicle include if the truck has been stolen before June 1st, if the truck has been damaged before June 1st and not in use since, or if the vehicle has been sold. If these circumstances have befallen your heavy highway vehicle and you’ve already paid the fees accompanying IRS form 2290, you’re entitled to request a credit from the IRS.

How Do You Request a Credit From the IRS?

To request a credit from the IRS on form 2290, you must fill out some other forms. To claim excess credit, use Form 8849, Claim for Refund of Excise Taxes, and Schedule 6 (Form 8849), Other Claims. There is a chart provided on the IRS website as a worksheet for determining how much the IRS owes you. If you require assistance with these forms, it’s best to seek help with a tax professional. Otherwise, you can eFile online with all of these forms, and there is provision in each line for sold, damaged, or stolen vehicles.

Are There Other Reasons to Request a Credit from the IRS for Form 2290?

There is a chance that you could have overpaid due to a mistake in tax liability previously reported on Form 2290. To make this claim of over payment, use Schedule 6 (Form 8849). You can also file for a credit if your vehicle used 5,000 miles or less, or if your farm vehicle used 7,500 miles or less.  There is a chart for evaluating mileage on the IRS website and instructions for filing with form 8849.

If you’ve overpaid the taxes on IRS Form 2290, you are entitled to a credit. While it may not seem ideal to file more paperwork to get your money back, it was still wise of you to have filed and paid on time. There are a few reasons for you to get a credit back, money that you rightly deserve and should file for.


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