IRS Form 2290 E-File – What is it?

What is IRS Form 2290?

IRS form 2290 can be described as a tax on heavy roadway motor vehicles, which weigh 55000 pounds or more. The tax can be paid online using the irs form 2290 e file. The tax called Heavy Vehicle Use Tax or HVUT is applicable on trucks, buses, etc. The best way is to pay online using the form 2290 electronic filling facility. As these heavy vehicles damages roads while plying, they have to pay the HVUT to the authorities towards the maintenance of the roads. The tax applies to all vehicles with more than 55000 pounds and to the vehicles belonging to the following: The Federal Government, The American Red Cross, Tribal government related functions, Rescue teams and many more.

form 2290

Why Form 2990 is used?

IRS Form 2290 is destined to deliver the information regarding the utilization of a truck that runs on a commercial basis and give taxes on that usage to the IRS. This form can also be used for filing a single truck, or approx 25 vehicles are accounted on one form. The main motives for this form filling consist of:

  • Paying and calculating the taxes that is due for Heavy Highway Vehicles
  • Claiming a delay in tax for motor vehicles driven under 5,000 miles throughout the relevant period (or 7,500 miles when used as agricultural purpose)
  • Claiming an acclaim for a destroyed, sold or stolen vehicle

When To File?

It is essential that this form be filed yearly for each chargeable vehicle that is used on public highways throughout the tax year. The tax year started on July 1st and ends on June 30th. A Form 2290 must also be filed when a vehicle is placed in service. The owed date for that is the last day of the subsequent month. For instance: if a vehicle is placed in service on January 5th, the Form 2290 will be due on February 28th.

How to E file irs Form 2290?

·       E-filing requirements

Have in hands your EIN (Employee Identification Number). If you don’t have one, the IRS allows you to apply for one and takes two weeks to furnish the same. Also, take note of the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) of all vehicles that you are going to file your returns for and have handy the other heavy vehicle related information like gross weight etc.

·       Process of irs form 2290 e file

The majority of people will rather file their forms online to avoid standing in very long lines in government offices. The Internal Revenue Service webpage needs the files available for download and you could simply fill in the information required on the web. Main prerequisites include the employer’s identification number, VIN or Vehicle Identification Number and gross weight of the vehicle. The average weight the vehicle bears everyday can also be included in filling out the weight requirement. Social security number works the same with your company’s identification number.

·       Benefits of e-filing

The major benefits of e-filing of IRS Form 2990 are as follows:

  • You can have an accurate filing with less that 1% chance of errors.
  • Your financial and personal information is protected as it is sent to the IRS through encrypted data. So no more uncertainties of your information going to the incorrect hands.
  • Save money, energy and time by going paperless. Give your muscles and hands some rest.
  • Quicker Refund!
  • Get an approval receipt on submitting and completing your tax returns.
  • Twice check by the software itself if any detail is not there, therefore it is even more perfect.

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