Here’s a Brief Explanation on the Concepts of 2290 IRS Tax Form

Form 2290 is a standard form for filing the tax return to the Internal Revenue Service, an entity of United States Department of Treasury. IRS being a Government body will be responsible to fix and collect the tax from the citizens of the United States who owns heavy vehicles which are deemed to fall under the Form 2290 category.

Not all the heavy vehicles will fall under the scope of Form 2290. Only those trucks whose weight is 55,000 pounds or more will be eligible for paying the tax amount to the IRS. Anything less than the prescribed weight, say like, if the vehicle weighs even 54,999 pounds, you will not be under the scope of form 2290. Form 2290 Electronic filing can be made by paying the tax online.

IRS will have track of the owners who owns the truck which comes under the scope of 2290 IRS tax form. If anyone fails or neglects paying the tax, the IRS will consider the issues seriously and will send a notice to each owner who is found guilty in not paying the tax on time. If owners receive a notice, they will have to file a separate form 2290 with the penalty.

The Tax period is from 1st of July to 30th June. This tax period is the regular tax period scheduled by IRS and vehicle owners need to pay the tax during the tax period. Tax amount depends on several factors and varies as and when particular factor falls under the scenario.

Factors affecting the Tax amount:

There are 3 prime factors which varies tax amount

1) The month of first use of the vehicle – The tax gets calculated from the month when the vehicle is used first on the highways. If the vehicle is purchased at the initial tax period i.e. in July, the owner will be liable to pay full tax amount for the entire tax period. If the vehicle is purchased after July, then the tax needs to be calculated from the month when the vehicle is used first. In this case the tax amount will be reduced or partial tax amount need to be paid for the remaining tax period.

2) Vehicle Category – The vehicles are categorized by the IRS based on the purpose of its usage and the status of the vehicles. The tax amount varies depending on the category.

3) Weight of Vehicle – The weight matters in calculating the tax amount. As the weight increases more than 55,000 pounds, the amount of tax also increases.

Not only the corporate companies, Limited companies who run the transportation business also need to file form 2290, even the individual owners need to pay the tax.

Who are treated as Disregarded entities?

A Qualified subchapter S Subsidiaries (QSubs) and eligible single-owner are treated as disregarded entities. They can file the form 2290 as usual but they are eligible to claim the refunds, credit to the IRS. They need to submit their EIN for filing.
The filing happens based on the tax payer’s TIN number. Keep the EIN and TIN ready for the filing purpose.

Schedule 1 –

Once you do form 2290 electronic filing successfully, the IRS will issue the receipt i.e. Schedule 1. This acts as a proof of the payment made and the copy can be used further in registering your vehicle in any state of the US.

In search of the Mediators who helps in E filing?

Just to discharge all the responsibility of the E filing, you may need assistance. Contact for the entire E Filing service. We are masters in form 2290 electronic filing and have many clients across the US. Any queries with regards to the 2290 IRS Tax form will be addressed by us.

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  2. […] Here’s a Brief Explanation on the Concepts of 2290 IRS Tax Form […]

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